1-2-2022 Update

Oof! Relieved by last Thursday's news: the tumor is still stable!

Even more reason to make Lex's 40th birthday extra festive last Saturday. Music, lots of cards, sweet messages, videos, balloons and of course cake!

The tumor is stable, but we don't know for how long. Unfortunately, very few donations trickle in, this way we will never achieve our goal and we will never be able to start the potentially life-saving treatment. It could go wrong at any moment and then we have our backs against the wall. We want to celebrate many more birthdays.

So once again a call to everyone:

1. Like our Facebook page Cure Lex: www.facebook.com/CureLex

2. Share our Facebook posts, website and crowdfunding (www.gofundme.com/f/cure-lex) in your own network

3. And of course donate, donate, donate!

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